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Business Loans

About Greenwater Capital

Greenwater Capital prides itself in our ability to better serve and satisfy our customers and partners. We continue to strive to be a leading competitor in the business of helping Americans. We are dedicated to developing new and innovative ways to serve Americans in today’s ever-changing, tough financial market.

About Us

Types of Business Loans

There are many sources of funding and different types of business loans available to small business owners when they find themselves in need of additional financing. Traditional loans through banks, finance companies and other lending institutions are one way to go when your small business needs a business loan.

Types of Business Loans

Pricing and ROI

Two of the major considerations in any business decision are pricing and return on investment (ROI). At Greenwater Capital we provide the funding you need to increase your purchasing capacity and increase your return on investment, all at an interest rate that is comfortable to you and will not interfere with your cash flow.

Pricing & ROI

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Finding out if your business qualifies for a loan from Greenwater Capital could not be easier. Simply fill out our easy online form, or call one of our loans specialists at: 866-520-5702 and we'll be glad to see if you qualify.


Personal Loans

About Personal Loans

Personal loans may be the perfect option for you if you are looking to consolidate your debt, or finance a large expense. Generally, personal loans come with much lower interest rates than credit cards, so by funding your big project or expense using a personal loan can definitely end up saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on interest payments.

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Find out how to Qualify

Finding out if your business qualifies for a loan with the help of Greenwater Capital could not be easier. The minimum qualifications for obtaining a loan for your business are much less stringent than traditional banks and most lending institutions. We look at your business in a realistic way and package your request for a loan based on the current cash-flow and performance of your business.

Welcome to Greenwater Capital

As a small business success story ourself, our mission is to help support Americans and small businesses in this slow and difficult economy. As most people may know, proper financing is crucial to the health and success of small businesses. In order to grow, businesses needs financial help to purchase inventory, maintain cash flow, hire and pay employees, acquire necessary equipment, and whatever else may be required to invest in their business.

Greenwater Capital offers flexible, working capital solutions to small businesses in need of financing to sustain or grow their business enterprise. We hold great value in trust & transparency while providing businesses with simple, speedy, and personalized financial solutions.

Greenwater Capital Merchant Cash Advance Services

As an alternative to traditional bank loans with high monthly payments that can put a real strain on your cash-flow, Greenwater Capital offers Merchant cash advances solutions to help you fund your daily operations, and to grow and expand your business. Merchant cash advances are a great funding alternative for small businesses that may not be able to qualify for a more conventional small business loan, such as through a bank or finance company.

Also, with a merchant cash advance, there are much shorter payment terms (usually under 24 months), and the loan is typically paid back in small daily payments, as opposed to traditional bank loans that are based on a large monthly payment and longer payment terms.

To get started on obtaining your business loan with the help of Greenwater Capital, simply fill out the easy online loan application form, or you can call one of our Loan Facilitating Specialists toll free at: 866-520-5702.